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Ameen Sayani Presents Geetmala Ki Chhaon Mein Vols. 1 To 5

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Various Artists
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Product Description

Geetmala Ki Chhaon Mein brings you the radio industry icon - "The beloved apka radio dost" in a 5 CD album.

Ameen Sayani takes listeners through the bylanes of Hindi film music in his inimitable style, sharing milestones from the phenomenal Geetmala radio show.

The album contains gems of Indian film music from the 1930s-1950s.

The songs are interwoven with snatches of interviews with famous filmstars like Amitabh Bachchan, Kishore Kumar, Meena Kumari, Ashok Kumar, Nutan and Sunil Dutt.



   Disc 1   
   Track Name   Artist   
 1.  Jane Na Nazar Pehchane Jigar Various Artists  
 2.  Afsana Likh Rahi Hoon Various Artists  
 3.  Pee Bin Soona Ji Various Artists  
 4.  Bade Armanon Se Various Artists  
 5.  Ae Gham-E-Dil Kya Karoon Various Artists  
 6.  Akele Mein Woh Ghabrate Various Artists  
 7.  Tarari Tarari Various Artists  
 8.  Maan Mera Ehsan Are Nadaan Various Artists  
 9.  Piya Milan Ko Jana Various Artists  
 10.  Tere Nainon Ne Chori Kiya Various Artists  
 11.  Jagmag Jagmag Karta Nikla Various Artists  
 12.  Mere Bachpan Ke Saathi Various Artists  
 13.  Mohe Bhool Gaye Sanwariya Various Artists  
 14.  Dil Mein Sama Gaye Sajan Various Artists  
   Disc 2   
   Track Name   Artist   
 1.  Yeh Kaun Aaya Various Artists  
 2.  Bachpan Ke Din Bhula Na Dena  
 3.  Hum Tum Yeh Bahar Dekho Rang Laya Various Artists  
 4.  Na Jane Kidhar Aaj Meri Nao Various Artists  
 5.  Main Ban Ki Chidiya Banke Various Artists  
 6.  Aayega Aanewala Various Artists  
 7.  Aa Mohabbat Ki Basti Basayenge Hum Various Artists  
 8.  Hariyala Sawan Dhol Bajata Aaya Various Artists  
 9.  Mere Piya Se Koi Yeh Various Artists  
 10.  Awaz De Kahan Hai Various Artists  
 11.  Main Kya Janu Kya Jaadoo Hai Various Artists  
 12.  Khayalon Mein Kisi Ke Is Tarah Various Artists  
 13.  Woh Humse Chup Hain Various Artists  
 14.  Tu Ganga Ki Mauj Various Artists  
   Disc 3   
   Track Name   Artist   
 1.  Milke Bichhad Gai Ankhiyan Various Artists  
 2.  Chanda Re Ja Re Ja Re Various Artists  
 3.  Jiya Bekarar Hai Various Artists  
 4.  Haath Seene Pe Jo Rakh Do Various Artists  
 5.  Zinda Hoon Is Tarah Various Artists  
 6.  Sajan Ki Galiyan Chhod Chale Various Artists  
 7.  Seene Mein Sulagte Hai Armaan Various Artists  
 8.  Ankhiyan Milake Zara Baat Karo Ji Various Artists  
 9.  Man Mor Hua Matwala Various Artists  
 10.  Do Naina Tumhare Pyare Pyare Various Artists  
 11.  Yeh Zindagi Usiki Hai Various Artists  
 12.  Tore Naina Rasile Katile Haye Ram Various Artists  
 13.  Aankhon Se Door Jake Various Artists  
   Disc 4   
   Track Name   Artist   
 1.  Short Flashes From Top 8 Songs Of Geetmala's First Hit-Parade Various Artists  
 2.  Some Outstanding Songs Of 1954 Which Missed The Hit-Parade Various Artists  
 3.  Dekho Woh Chand Chhupke Various Artists  
 4.  Gore Gore Haathon Mein Mehndi Various Artists  
 5.  Aaj Paheli Tarikh Hai Various Artists  
 6.  Zameen Chal Rahi Various Artists  
 7.  Bol Pardesia Yeh Tu Kya Kiya Various Artists  
 8.  Nanhe Munne Bachche Teri Mutthi Mein Various Artists  
 9.  Marna Teri Gali Mein Various Artists  
 10.  Chahe Koi Khush Ho Various Artists  
 11.  Hit Nos.16 To 9 Of 1954(Recently Rediscovered) Various Artists  
   Disc 5   
   Track Name   Artist   
 1.  Short Flashes Of The Hit Songs No.16 To No.9 From Geetmala's Annual Hit-Parade of 1955 Various Artists  
 2.  Some Memorable Songs Of 1955 Which Missed The Hit-Parade Various Artists  
 3.  Aa Neele Gagan Tale Pyar Hum Karen Various Artists  
 4.  Dil Ka Haal Sune Dilwala Various Artists  
 5.  Kitna Haseen Hain Mausam Various Artists  
 6.  Woh Na Aayenge Palat Kar Various Artists  
 7.  Phaili Hui Hai Sapno Ki Bahen Various Artists  
 8.  Short Flashes Of The Top Eight Hit Songs Of 1955 Various Artists  
 9.  Some More Songs Of 1955 - All Fabulous, But Missed The Hit-Parade Various Artists  
 10.  Tasveer Banata Hoon Various Artists  
 11.  Apni Chhaya Mein Bhagwan Various Artists  
 12.  Ghayal Hiraniyan Various Artists  
 13.  Jabse Mili Tose Ankhiyan Various Artists  
 14.  Chand Madhyam Hai Various Artists  
 15.  Thandi Hawa Kali Ghata Various Artists

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