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Lata-80 Glorious Years

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Lata Mangeshkar
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Product Description

CD (Set of 8)


Nightingale of the century Lata Mangeshkar has glorified the country’s name with each song, with each milestone. This Queen of melody completes her 80th birthday on 28th September. On such a prestigious occasion, Saregama decided to pay tribute to this living legend. The Music Company has compiled a new collection of 8 CDs of all most resonant songs.

The album is tilted as “80 Glorious Years of Lata Mangeshkar: Safalta Ki Shikhar Par Kal Bhi ... Aaj Bhi”. Each CD has select chartbuster songs through her career (40’s – 2000’s). The album comprises of songs like ‘JIYA BEQARAR HAI’ from film Barsaat(1949), LARA LAPPA LARA LAPPA LAAI from film Ek thi Ladki(1950), INHIN LOGON NE from film Pakeezah(1971), PYAR KIYA TO DARNA KYA from Mughal-e-Azam(1960), BINDIYA CHAMKE GI from Do Raste(1969), DEKHA EK KHWAB from Silsila(1981), CHUDIYAN KHANAK GAYEEN from Lamhe(1991), KUCHH NA KAHO from 1942-Love Story(1994) and many more.



   Disc 1   
   Track Name   
 1.  Jiya Beqarar Hai  
 2.  Bholi Surat Dil Ke Khote  
 3.  Ho Main Ne Pyar Kiya  
 4.  Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya  
 5.  Bindiya Chamke Gi  
 6.  Achha To Hum Chalte Hain  
 7.  Dafli Wale Dafli Baja  
 8.  Nindiya Se Jagi Bahar  
 9.  Chudiyan Khanak Gayeen  
 10.  Andekhi Anjaani  
   Disc 2   
   Track Name   
 1.  Lara Lappa Lara Lappa Laai  
 2.  Gore Gore O Banke Chhore  
 3.  Jo Wada Kiya Woh Nibhana Padega  
 4.  Barsat Ki Raat  
 5.  Inhin Logon Ne  
 6.  Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein  
 7.  Dekha Ek Khwab  
 8.  Phir Chiddi Raat  
 9.  Kuchh Na Kaho  
 10.  Humko Humise Chura Lo  
   Disc 3   
   Track Name   
 1.  Aayega Aanewala  
 2.  Thandi Hawayen  
 3.  Jhoole Mein Pawan Ki Aai Bahar  
 4.  Tere Husn KI Kya Tarif Karun  
 5.  Dil Wil Pyar Wyar  
 6.  Rama Rama Ghazab Huyi Gawa Re  
 7.  Gir Gaya Jhumka Girne Do  
 8.  Jab Hum Jawan Honge  
 9.  Dekho Maine Dekha Hai Ek Sapna  
 10.  Tu Mere Samne  
   Disc 4   
   Track Name   
 1.  Yaad Kiya Dil Ne  
 2.  Man Dole Mera Tan Dole  
 3.  Do Hanson Ka Joda  
 4.  Mera Saaya Saath Hoga  
 5.  Kanchi Re Kanchi Re  
 6.  Chabi Kho Jaye  
 7.  Sheesha Ho Ya Dil Ho  
 8.  Ter Mere Beech Mein  
 9.  Tere Seeli Seeli  
 10.  Pyar Ko Ho Jane Do  
   Disc 5   
   Track Name   
 1.  Chanda Re Ja Re Ja Re  
 2.  Kitna Haseen Hain Mausam  
 3.  Main Piya Teri  
 4.  Kabhi To Milegi Kahin To Milegi  
 5.  Aji Rooth Kar Ab Kahan Jaiyega  
 6.  Panna Ki Tamanna Hai  
 7.  Dil Dhundta Hai  
 8.  Megha Re Megha Re  
 9.  Tujh Sang Preet  
 10.  Dil Ne Dil Se Kya Kahan  
   Disc 6   
   Track Name   
 1.  Jaag Dard-E-Ishq Jaag  
 2.  Yeh Raat Bheegi Bheegi  
 3.  Chadh Gayo Papi Bichhua  
 4.  Likha Hai Teri Ankhon Mein  
 5.  Honthon Mein Aisi Baat  
 6.  Haye Haye Yeh Majboori  
 7.  Jai Jai Shiv Shankar  
 8.  I Love You  
 9.  Are Jane Kaise Kab Kahan Iqrar  
 10.  Dholna  
   Disc 7   
   Track Name   
 1.  Woh Chand Khila Woh Tare  
 2.  Dheere Dheere Chal Chand  
 3.  Gaata Rahe Mera Dil  
 4.  Sawan Ka Mahina  
 5.  Chal Kahin Door Nikal Jayen  
 6.  Salam-E-Ishq Meri Jaan  
 7.  Shayad Meri Shaadi  
 8.  Dil Deewana  
 9.  Tu Sawan Main Pyas Piya (Happy)  
 10.  Mere Khwabon Mein  
   Disc 8   
   Track Name   
 1.  Matwala Jiya Dole Piya  
 2.  O Neend Na Mujhko Aaye  
 3.  Kaise Rahoon Chup  
 4.  Kora Kagaz Tha Ye Man Mera  
 5.  Husn Hazir Hain  
 6.  Naam Goom Jayega  
 7.  Mitwa  
 8.  Mausam Ka Jaadu  
 9.  Der Na Ho Jaye Kahin  
 10.  Khamoshiyan Gungunane Lagi

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