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Title Requests

Q - I didn’t find a title I was looking for. Can you procure it for me?

A - If you don’t find a title that you were looking for and would like us to procure it for you, place a Title Request. At the contact us form Enter the title along with the artist and submit it to us. Add your email id to help us get in touch with you.

Once we receive your title request, we will conduct the necessary groundwork on how to procure it. We will then send you an email informing you of the time required to procure and deliver the Title. If you are satisfied, you will have to make an advance payment for the item for us to begin the procurement process.

If you don’t add your email id along with your title request, we will treat such a request as customer feedback and record it in our customer feedback database. We reference this database to improve our services and to strengthen our product catalogue.